Wood Deck Refinishing

When you are thinking of outdoor living areas, people are relocating their living areas out doors, making wood decks liked more than ever before. Whether your existing deck is an extension of your family room, includes an outdoor kitchen or dining area, or boasts a vine-covered arbor for shade, decks undoubtedly are a reflection of a persons want to be outdoors and connect with mother nature.

And today current deck stains enable you to use more time having fun with your deck and less precious time taking care of it.

Wood Deck Stain

If you happen to be seeking a way to breathe new life into an older wood deck make use of the new wood deck stain technology available on the market. Many modern wood deck stains will literally bond loose wood fibers to provide a sound, smooth surface that creates a much better bond. They penetrate deep into the wood to supply UV and weather protection. Not only will the wood look better, the protective finish you incorporate into your deck will last longer as well.

Wood Deck RefinishingBefore you can apply any protective coatings, remember to remove dirt and mildew using a cleaner manufactured for deck use. Many deck cleaners are easily put on with a brush or roller. Rinse off using a garden hose and stiff broom. A water pressure washer can be used and will drastically speed up the washing process. Caution: Pressure washers can be dangerous to use and could produce damage to the wood if misused. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using this effective tool. Use a wood brightener to remove stubborn stains.

24 hours later, you can apply the topcoat to have a finish that will look new for a long time. Use a brush and/or stain pad to apply your deck stain same can be done with a wooden chair. This will allow deep penetration and an even appearance. Refrain from pooling of the stain on the wood surface. Pooling stain could flake or peel causing you to refinish your deck much sooner that expected.

New Deck Finishing

In case you have a brand new deck, start with a light sanding for the best penetration of your stain. Sanding will open up the wood pores that have been closed due to milling. Plus sanding will remove mill glaze, the shiny areas on new wood.

Here’s a couple of deck refinishing tips direct from the trade: If you need the wood grain of your deck to display, decide on a semi-transparent stain. Should you wish to have more longevity and don’t need the wood grain to show, select a solid-color stain. The more pigment, color, a stain has the longer it will last!

Formulas manufactured for deck use will beautify and protect your outdoor area for a long time when used properly.