Ecumenopolis (from Greekοἰκουμένη oecumene, meaning “world”, and πόλις polis meaning “city”, thus a city made of the whole world; pl. ecumenopolises or ecumenopoleis) is the hypothetical concept of a planetwide city. The word was invented in 1967 by the Greek city planner Constantinos Doxiadis to represent the idea that in the future urban areas and megalopolises would eventually fuse and there would be a single continuous worldwide city as a progression from the current urbanizationpopulation growthtransport and human networks.[1] This concept was already current in science fiction in 1942, with Trantor in the Foundation series.[citation needed] When made public, Doxiadis’ idea of ecumenopolis seemed “close to science fiction”, but today is “suprisingly pertinent” according to geography researchers Pavle Stamenovic, Dunja Predic & Davor Eres[1], especially as a consequence of Globalisation and Europeanisation.