From the documentary’s synopsis:

“The neoliberal transformation that swept through the world economy during the 1980’s, and along with it the globalization process that picked up speed, brought with it a deep transformation in cities all over the world. For this new finance-centered economic structure, urban land became a tool for capital accumulation, which had deep effects on major cities of developing countries. In Istanbul, which already lacked a tradition of principled planning, the administrators of the city blindly adopted the neoliberal approach that put financial gain ahead of people’s needs; everyone fought to get a piece of the loot; and the result is a megashantytown of 15 million struggling with mesh of life-threatening problems.

Especially in the past 10 years, as the World Bank foresaw in its reports, Istanbul has been changing from an industrial city to a finance and service-centered city, competing with other world cities for investment. Making Istanbul attractive for investors requires not only the abolishment of legal controls that look out for the public good, but also a parallel transformation of the users of the city. This means that the working class who actually built the city as an industrial center no longer have a place in the new consumption-centered finance and service city. So what is planned for these people?This is where the “urban renewal” projects come into play. Armed with new powers never before imagined, TOKI (State Housing Administration), together with the municipalities and private investors, are trying to reshape the urban landscape in this new vision. With international capital behind them, land plans in their hands, square meters and building coefficients in their minds, they are demolishing neighborhoods, and instead building skyscrapers, highways and shopping malls. But who do these new spaces serve?

The huge gap between the rich and the poor in Istanbul is reflected more and more in the urban landscape, and at the same time feeds on the spatial segregation. While the rich isolate themselves in gated communities, residences and plazas; new poverty cycles born in social housing communities on the prifery of the city designed as human depots continue to push millions to desperation and hopelessness. So who is responsible for this social legacy that we are leaving for future generations?While billions of dollars are wasted on new road tunnels, junctions, and viaducts with a complete disregard for the scientific fact that all new roads eventually create their own traffic, Istanbul in 2010 has to contend with a single-line eight-station metro “system”. Due to insufficient budget allocations for mass public transportation, rail and other alternative transport systems, millions of people are tormented in traffic, and billions of dollars worth of time go out the exhaust pipe. What do our administrators do? You guessed right: more roads!

Everything changes so fast in this city of 15 million that it is impossible to even take a snap-shot for planning. Plans are outdated even as they are being made. A chronic case of planlessness. Meanwhile, the population keeps increasing and the city expands uncontrollably pushing up against Tekirdağ in the east and Kocaeli in the west. But does Istanbul really have a plan?In 1980 the first plan for Istanbul on a metropolitan scale was produced. In that plan report, it is noted that the topography and the geographic nature of the city would only support a maximum population of 5 million. At the time, Istanbul had 3.5 million people living in it. Now we are 15 million, and in 15 years we will be 23 million. Almost 5 times the sustainable size. Today we bring water to Istanbul from as far away as Bolu, and suck-up the entire water in Thrace, destroying the natural environment there. The northern forest areas disappear at a rapid pace, and the project for a 3rd bridge over the Bosphorous is threatening the remaining forests and water reservoirs giving life to Istanbul. The bridges that connect the two continents are segregating our society through the urban land speculation that they trigger. So what are we, the people of Istanbul, doing against this pillage?

If cities are a reflection of the society, what can we say about ourselves by looking at Istanbul? What kind of city are we leaving behind for future generations? Ecological limits have been surpassed. Economic limits have been surpassed. Population limits have been surpassed. Social cohesion has been lost. Here is the picture of neoliberal urbanism: Ecumenopolis.

Ecumenopolis aims for a holistic approach to Istanbul, questioning not only the transformation, but the dynamics behind it as well. From demolished shantytowns to the tops of skyscrapers, from the depths of Marmaray to the alternative routes of the 3rd bridge, from real estate investors to urban opposition, the film will take us on a long journey in this city without limits. We will speak with experts, academics, writers, investors, city-dwellers, and community leaders; and we will take a look at the city on a macro level through animated maps and graphics. Perhaps you will rediscover the city that you live in and we hope that you will not sit back and watch this transformation but question it. In the end this is what democracy requires of us.

Unlike many DIY projects, concrete staining requires only a very basic set of tools and implements to get professional results.

Safety First!

To begin, you should cover yourself up to keep the stain from damaging your clothing. We recommend that you wear long pants, rubber boots, great shoe for badminton play to protect your skin and have a good pair of plastic or rubber gloves. A plastic rain poncho is a good idea to keep the stain and chemicals from getting on your clothing. Safety goggles are a must and we also advise that you get a mask with a respirator if you will be using chemicals in an enclosed area such as a garage or basement.

Depending on the condition of the concrete you will be staining, you may need a sealer remover in addition to a degreasing cleaner as part of the prep work for your project. A good, stiff brush will work best to really scrub away the sealer or oil and grease that may have accumulated on your concrete surface.

If you are working in a garage or other finished space and the space has baseboard moldings, you can choose to remove the moldings with a hammer and pry bar to keep them from getting stained by accident.

You can also opt to mask off the walls and moldings with plastic sheeting and masking tape (for water-based stain applications) or masking paper (for acid-based stains).

Tools for Concrete Stain

Concrete Staining with the Right Tools

If you will be etching the concrete before staining, the etching solution is best applied with a plastic watering can. This way you can work in a small, manageable area with a long, handled stiff bristle broom. You will also need access to a garden hose and water to rinse off the etching solution.

To apply the stain, begin by cutting in at the corners with a paint brush. If you are using an acid-based stain, make sure the paint brush has no metal parts. For the large areas of your concrete staining project, stain is best applied with a low-pressure pump sprayer with all plastic parts and a nozzle that sprays in a cone-shape. You can also choose to apply stain with a short nap paint roller with a long handle suitable for working on floors.

You will need a clean mop to clean the surface when you are done and a wet-vacuum to suck up any standing water after you have completely cleaned the surface.

Having the right tools on hand before you begin your concrete staining project will insure that your work will move along smoothly and that you will remain safe and protected throughout the process.

We all need to have sleep. However at some point in our lives, we all suffered those nights lying conscious on the mattress for several hours struggling to sleep, being restless, and waking up in the morning not really being rested. Nothing gets more annoying than that.

Window Drapes

Any time you lack deep sleep, effectiveness during daytime is generally compromised as a result. Your own performance and concentration are usually lessened. You’re much more prone to mood swings. It takes toll on your energy and motivation. Lack of sleep is actually a red alert in some cases such as driving while getting tired.

One source of insufficient sleep is because of sleep disorder, amongst many other people. Often, it’s due to lifestyle which people have difficulties falling asleep like sleeping all day which disturbs your own body clock. And also at times, it’s because of environmental elements such as light creeping through the windows. If the latter two are the explanations for your sleep trouble, then you are lastly on the path to finding your much needed slumber.

6 Window Treatments Ideas

Here are a few of the points you ought to take note of and keep in mind:

1. If you want to train your infant or toddler child very good sleeping habits, perhaps you ought to be thinking of making use of blackout liners. It assists you’ve boundaries in between waking and sleeping time. If it is dark, certainly it truly is the latter. Also, should you be the variety of individual who remains up all night long and sleeps during day time, blackout liners are just what you might need.

2. Blinds are really effective at preventing light since they have interconnected pieces of plastic but it can’t be avoided that light can nonetheless pass through the small holes if you are making use of horizontal blinds, but you can usually cover it with tape but be creative and use decorative types so it doesn’t wind up unattractive.

3. Cornice boards and valances tend to be almost always pleasing to the eye but they are not produced for aesthetic purposes alone, it’s beneficial in blocking light from creeping in.

Window Treatments4. Roman shades and woven woods are also extremely capable to block out the light from the outside and produce a shaded area. In addition, you can find room darkening cellular shades which can filter light and have room darkening characteristics. Also, these have insulating properties that help make your home cool in the summer and warm during winter months.

5. Window treatments that possess programmable motorization are also of the essence here. By having the timer programmed at a specific time each and every morning, then you are able to have consistent waking time. Thus, it prevents your circadian rhythm from being messed up leading to a superior sleeping pattern.

6. Using drapery panels on the sides of the wall isn’t just attractive, but functional at the same time. This gives privacy, assists with keeping your room cool or warm, balances your interior decor, and obviously blocks out unwanted light.

It’s acceptable to have sleeping problems, but only every once in awhile. Sleep is a requirement, not a luxury. And a great night’s sleep is like a mini vacation for the body and soul so you ought to never deprive yourself of this.

If you are tired of your flooring and are looking for a refreshing new look for the flooring you have several options to choose from. Some of the options include wood, tile or carpet. An increasing number of people today are beginning to employ items made of wood for their home for appearances as well as hygienic purposes. Many people feel that carpeting gathers dust and is difficult to keep clean, particularly if there are people who live in the home are more prone to allergies.

Besides, in modern houses today there is a definite preference for different types of wood flooring as well as flooring that is tiled. There are endless choices in the stores today.

Hardwood Flooring | All the Rage

Hardwood flooring is all the rage among all types of wood flooring that homeowners everywhere are opting for. Many homeowners even have this type of floor beneath their wall to wall carpeting especially if their home is an older one. This is essentially because, when older homes were built hardwood floors were concealed in preference for carpeting. The type of hardwood flooring you will usually see is mostly oak wood, though, you will find that cherry and even bamboo are also used.

The wood can be stained in different hues to give you an untreated look or a look that is darker in color. You can choose either a glossy finish or a matte finish. Hardwood definitely among the most popularly used of all flooring types in the home today.

Bamboo Flooring | Versatile and Sturdy

Bamboo flooring looks similar to hardwood flooring and can be stained in a variety of hues to match your home. Most homeowners prefer bamboo because it is resilient and creates a sturdy floor. This is a relatively new type of wood floor that you can find these days. You can expect to pay more for this type of flooring as compared to the more commonly used wood flooring. In spite of this, homeowners looking for wood flooring, feel that the quality of the product is worth it. The bamboo is typically stained in a natural color and is durable and sturdy.

Bamboo FlooringLaminate Flooring | Easy to Install and Maintain

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to put in the home if you like the idea of doing it yourself. This is a variety of wood that is layered and a has a laminated top surface that requires fuss-free cleaning. Many people will use this in the kitchen and bathroom because it is easily cleaned with water and can endure spills easily.

When it comes to kitchens and bathrooms, many people prefer to choose either laminated wood or tile flooring. These 2 types of flooring are sanitary, easy to clean and can bear up against spills and water. This type of flooring is easier to install by yourself as opposed to tile and it also costs less. They come in a wide range of hues and acquire a completely natural look.

When most people think about Brinks home alarm systems, they envision alarms or possibly barred windows. Taking a more proactive approach with outdoor lighting can help to deter the criminal element before breaching a house alarm system. As well as providing home protection, exterior lighting likewise helps to enhance the advantage of a home while accentuating natural landscape and features.

Improve Your Home Security SystemBefore installing outdoor lighting it is important to know where the lighting will best be used and what kind of lights will bring probably the most advantage to home security. For ideas on where you can place lighting it is advisable to walk round the homes perimeter near dusk. Make note of any areas which are poorly illuminated or obscure from public view. They are locations where lighting is going to be needed most. Furthermore, it needs to be noted of locations where there is certainly overgrown foliage that could provide concealment for would-be intruders.

Security Lighting

Once lighting locations have already been identified, the next step to accomplish is decide which kind of lighting is going to be used. Each type of illumination source has advantages and disadvantages that will have to be evaluated. Some of the popular lighting configurations include Motion Activated, Hi Low Combination, and All-Night lighting.

Motion activated lights add a sensor that allows lights to ignite when motion is detected. This will immediately shine the lighting in the area in which the light is directed. The trick to owning a powerful motion sensor would be to understand where you can put them for the most effective use. If there are going to be pets inside the yard, this has to be considered so that lights are not constantly illuminated.

A high-low combination light is lit throughout the night having a low emitting lumen. Upon the sensor activation lumens are increased making the region temporarily brighter. This type of lighting fixture is usually preferred due to the low impact on the electric bills. The price is minimal to function.

Motion Detecting Lights

All-night lights are also known as dusk to dawn lighting. It really is a continuous source of light that frequently involves an easy activated photocell. This can be probably the most costly lighting option that can be selected. It can also lead to problems with neighbors if the lights are put into inconvenient places. Lighting shields can help with this interference, but may provide less than desirable light when used.

Light pollution has become a concern, especially for urban developers. Use exterior lighting only where and after it is required. Tend not to over light a place as this may lead to glare and shadowing. Flood and spotlights are acceptable for large estates, however, not practical for the average sized home. Additionally, lighting should only provide illumination to the area intended.

To gain probably the most advantage of CPI security system combined with lighting, it is important to keep fixtures clean and clear of dust and debris. They ought to be checked periodically for effectiveness. Bulbs should be changed regularly before their end of lifespan. When strategically placed, exterior lights can offer security and great looking light to homes

When looking for a whole new bathroom suite, most bathroom brochures showcase high end small bathroom design superb broad open spaces, and plenty of natural light filling up the area. However, the fact is, a typical home bathroom is much more compact, and therefore, can be challenging to take complete benefit of this small space available.

Producers of bathrooms have noticed this, and luckily currently provide smaller and also skillfully created bathroom suites and furniture to go with pretty much any bathroom space, and to be sure one’s own bathroom is really a sanctuary in your own home.

Modern BathroomRemodel your Bathroom for More Space

And as a result, how could you maximize space within your bathroom? You’ll find outlined some good space saving ideas for consideration:

– Built-in Cabinets
In a number of properties, you could integrate storage cupboards and cabinets inside of stud partitions. Despite the fact that these kinds of units will never be very deep, they are going to present a sufficient amount of storage for the lotions, creams and bathroom products. These could also be mirror fronted, which can reflect the light and add to the feeling of space.

– Integrated Cisterns And Wash Basin Holders
It can save you a lot of space by simply getting your current W.C encased inside the walls, this not simply provides for a far more flush installation, but brings some extra space that is crucial in every compact bathroom. Wash hand basins could also be wall mounted, leaving a lot more floor area free.

– Internal Bathtub Storage
When a non free standing bath is installed, there is a lot of void space which has gone to waste. Why not design the installation of the bath to feature storage shelves for bath towels and relevant accessories. You might also fitting a compact drawer unit into the side or end of the tub for safe storage of one’s textiles.

– Remove the bathtub, Put In A Shower
Sometimes, regardless of how well you attempt to organize your bathroom, it is sometimes simply much better to go for a full size shower cubicle, or perhaps a walk in shower. Showers utilize considerably less room than the usual bath, however, try to get the guidance of an knowledgeable plumbing contractor or bathroom installation professional, as you might need extra water equipment or water pumps to support the extra flow of water and pressure needed.

– Heated Towel Rails

Towel warmers are special appliances that serve to heat up towels, making them nice and comfortable. While they can also be used for robes, they mostly provide warmth in places like the bathroom or in any moist area where people shower.

Not only do heated towel rails help save a great deal of space within your bathroom, they can also be offered in numerous styles, making a modern or even traditional style to compliment a bathroom.

– Lighting Fixtures
Certainly not a space economizing strategy, however, using the correct lighting products for your bathroom, can really help to make a huge difference within the feeling and appearance of the bathroom. The lighting products will need to replicate the design and style of the bathroom, and also offer good light coverage.

So whatever size of bathroom you’ve got you could make it an original space that will incorporate all the items you would like along with provide storage alternatives. You could find several internet vendors which will highlight how a small bathroom could be setup, providing you a more visible concept of how to proceed and aid with that small bathroom renovation.

You may also call in at a bathroom showhome or shop, where they might be able to send round someone to measure up and then after a few days to a week, revisit with a floor plan, and costing for the items to be provided as well as fitted.

The residential steel building is used for a wide range of different purposes. Did you know that you can create a good-looking and affordable home from a prefabricated residential steel building? Earlier, most steel buildings were barren constructions only used as storage facilities, low end shopping barns or assembly factories. This is however a thing from the past, because today you can select between a wide range of aesthetically appealing designs when you purchase a residential steel building. Stop wasting time looking for real estate, and start creating your own home from scratch.

The price of real estate has skyrocketed in many regions, and it can be hard for families with normal incomes to purchase their own home. By purchasing a residential steel building, you can start in the other end.

Importance of Location

Residential Steel BuildingFirst, you locate a beautiful place where you would like to live and then your erect a house on that spot. A residential steel building can blend in nicely with any neighbourhood. You can for instance choose to have your house decorated with stucco, masonry or decorative panelling. Even the prefabricated residential steel building can today be obtained in a wide range of charming colours and protective outer coatings. You will not only save money by avoiding expensive real estate – you will also get a house that is remarkably low maintenance. A prefabricated residential steel building can be ready for move in when a traditional house would still be nothing but blueprints. The rapid and hassle free assembly process also means that you don’t have to pay for months or man hours and heavy machinery rental.

Many homeowners opt for the residential steel building when they need to add new storage space, a garage or a workshop to their home. Steel is a very strong building material that allows flexible designs, such as the highly popular clear span construction. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can start protecting your cars and other belongings by erecting an affordable steel carport from an assembly kit. Storing your possessions in a high-quality residential steel building will protect them from the wear and tear of the elements and lower the need for repairs and maintenance. They will also be effectively protected from theft and sabotage.

Brief History of Steel Buildings

The history of the residential steel building is a short one. Earlier, people create homes and storages out of wood, bricks, dirt or stones. It wasn’t until the middle of the 1800’s that man learned how to mass produce high-quality steel from iron. During the later half of the 19th century, metal constructions began to appear in urban areas, but it would take several decades before steel had become affordable enough to be commonly used in residential steel buildings.

One of the most important steps on the road towards the high-quality residential steel building of today was however taken several thousand years ago, at some point between the 12th and 10th century B.C. This step was the invention of a method that made it possible to perform carburization. During carburization, the amount of carbon in iron can be increased. Carbon act as a hardening agent, and by increasing the amount of carbon in iron you can turn it into high-quality steel that can be used for various tasks, including the construction of a residential steel building.

Residential Steel BuildingThe residential steel building is today used for a vast array of different purposes and is highly appreciated all over the world. Today, it is not hard to create a comfortable and stylish home from a residential steel building. Many homeowners also take advantage of the benefits of the residential steel building when in need of more storage space, a much sought after workshop, a room in which to carry out a hobby, or a protective garage or carport for their beloved automobiles.

Purchasing a Residential Steel Building

When you purchase a residential steel building, you naturally want one that has been made out of high-quality durable steel. You want a residential steel building that is weather resilient, low maintenance and capable of standing tall amidst anything from fire to hailstorms. Throughout most of man’s history, obtaining this type of high quality steel has been an arduous task and it wasn’t until the middle of the 1800’s that mass-production of high-quality steel begun.

Before that, steel was too precious to be used as building material for a residential steel building. A lot of the steel was also of an inferior quality, and would for instance be unable to withstand the enormous heat that can develop during a fire. Creating a residential steel building was therefore not a feasible idea, a homes as well as storages was instead built out of timber, stones, bricks or even dirt.

When you are thinking of outdoor living areas, people are relocating their living areas out doors, making wood decks liked more than ever before. Whether your existing deck is an extension of your family room, includes an outdoor kitchen or dining area, or boasts a vine-covered arbor for shade, decks undoubtedly are a reflection of a persons want to be outdoors and connect with mother nature.

And today current deck stains enable you to use more time having fun with your deck and less precious time taking care of it.

Wood Deck Stain

If you happen to be seeking a way to breathe new life into an older wood deck make use of the new wood deck stain technology available on the market. Many modern wood deck stains will literally bond loose wood fibers to provide a sound, smooth surface that creates a much better bond. They penetrate deep into the wood to supply UV and weather protection. Not only will the wood look better, the protective finish you incorporate into your deck will last longer as well.

Wood Deck RefinishingBefore you can apply any protective coatings, remember to remove dirt and mildew using a cleaner manufactured for deck use. Many deck cleaners are easily put on with a brush or roller. Rinse off using a garden hose and stiff broom. A water pressure washer can be used and will drastically speed up the washing process. Caution: Pressure washers can be dangerous to use and could produce damage to the wood if misused. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before using this effective tool. Use a wood brightener to remove stubborn stains.

24 hours later, you can apply the topcoat to have a finish that will look new for a long time. Use a brush and/or stain pad to apply your deck stain same can be done with a wooden chair. This will allow deep penetration and an even appearance. Refrain from pooling of the stain on the wood surface. Pooling stain could flake or peel causing you to refinish your deck much sooner that expected.

New Deck Finishing

In case you have a brand new deck, start with a light sanding for the best penetration of your stain. Sanding will open up the wood pores that have been closed due to milling. Plus sanding will remove mill glaze, the shiny areas on new wood.

Here’s a couple of deck refinishing tips direct from the trade: If you need the wood grain of your deck to display, decide on a semi-transparent stain. Should you wish to have more longevity and don’t need the wood grain to show, select a solid-color stain. The more pigment, color, a stain has the longer it will last!

Formulas manufactured for deck use will beautify and protect your outdoor area for a long time when used properly.

One of the benefits of using acid concrete stains are their ability to turn an ordinary concrete slab into an extraordinary artistic work. Inherent in the acid stain process is the differing degrees to which the stain penetrates and colors different areas of concrete. This selective process is how acid stain can produce a rich, mottled or marbled effect.

With time and practice, you can achieve some incredible results with acid stains. In addition to a marble look, you can get your concrete to resemble wood grain, natural stone or even a leather-look.

Acid stains are available in mostly earth-tones — rusts, brown, terra cotta shades being the most prevalent. To a limited extent, acid stains are also available in blue-greens. Custom color variations are possible by mixing stains just as an artist would mix paints to create just the right hue.

Concrete StainConcrete Stain Patterns

Achieving patterns with concrete stain can be accomplished in several ways. You can dilute the stain to create lighter areas where the stain is more translucent. If you want to go darker in some sections of your project, you can apply stain twice or three times to that section. Another option is to mix a darker shade of stain for the area you want to appear darker than the rest of the project.

Patterns can be incorporated into your design by masking off shapes before you begin to stain. For example, some people want their acid stain concrete to look like terra cotta tiles. We do this by masking off a grid pattern in the room or on a patio and apply stain inside each grid.

Similarly, you can even use two different stain colors in your grid to produce a checkerboard effect. You can even create elaborate patterns such as a compass rose or a company logo by masking these intricate shapes as well.

Pattern Creating Tools

Using specific implements can create interesting patterns on acid stain concrete. A spray bottle can be used to spray elaborate spray patterns with acid stain. Just as in faux-finishing with wall paint, sponges and rags can be used for specific patterns in acid stains.

Crumpled paper can also be used to dab on stain in unusual designs as well as feathers and lamb’s wool. Just remember that with acid stains, you cannot use any metal implements as they will react with the acid in the stains.

If you think of your concrete as a blank canvas, there’s no limit to the creative patterns and effects you can achieve with acid stain concrete stains. The richness of the stain, combined with the degree to which the concrete absorbs the stain, gives you a distinctive and natural-looking surface that will enhance your home’s value.

Exterior home design can be a fun thing for many people to work on. It allows for a great deal of creativity and customization for a space that is yours. The fact that is a personal space can add to the experience. Exterior home design can encompass many things. Some people simply stick to the house itself, while others look at the yard, fencing, and all other aspects of the property as well. Let’s look at some of the aspects of exterior home design now.

Creativity is Important

Many creative people really enjoy working on customizing the appearance of their homes. This is popular for many reasons. One reason is so that you can personalize your home. Many people appreciate having a home that they know I designed like no other one around. This one of a kind personalization is very important to a lot of people. The personalization can be only from a few details to an all encompassing design and style that really stands out from all other homes around.

There are a lot of things that can be taken into account when it comes to exterior home design. The color and material of a few or all aspects of the home can be examined. Some people are happy enough with simply having a custom designed door for the front entrance. The front entrance to a home is a main way that people come in and out of a home and a custom door can leave a lasting impression on someone.

Exterior DesignExterior Design Styles

For a more all inclusive design customization, all exterior facing home parts can be gone through for a complete matching custom style. The materials of the exterior walls can be made from a richly stained wood, or a combination of stonework and a planer paneling. The windows can have shutters on the sides of them while the roof material can be picked from a metal roofing material for a very unique look. Really the design choices for the exterior of your home are limitless.

Don’t forget, some people like to include yard work in exterior home design as well. Will you want a plain lawn or perhaps a mix of lawn and some custom gardening and bushes installed to compliment the choices you have made for you home materials.

Exterior home design is really only limited by your vision and your budget. A custom home appearance can include only a simple custom door choice to a completely unique home appearance.

A kitchen remodel is an excellent investment and can breathe new life into your home. Replacing the kitchen cabinets is very common and can be done in a few simple steps and the results will be amazing.

To plan DIY kitchen cabinets, following steps can be followed:

Make a general measurement

First of all, look at your kitchen. Consider where you would like to install your cabinet. Consider how it should be, such as box or drawer. Then take measurement of its suitable height and width. You should keep in mind regarding the size and shape of your kitchen, the types of stuff you want to store, convenience for movement in the kitchen etc. You can also plan two storied cabinet so you can store more stuff if you want or need.

To measure, you should use professional measuring instruments. Take two or three types measurement and pick the best one.

Consider the type of wood

Choose any kind of wood, which is discussed above. Consider its durability and price and balance it with your necessity. However it is suggested that, choosing a mixed type of woods are better. In addition, you can use different wood for different use. Such as, for sturdy structure it is always recommended to have durable wood. Again, you can use comparatively cheaper and less durable wood for interior wall.

DIY Kitchen CabinetsChoose its design

If you think you want to have some design on the door of the cabinet, you should think it at the first place. As a result it will be possible to avoid unnecessary expenses. Better place to start with is your kitchen. What does it look like? What is the colour of it? How do you like to make your kitchen look like, such as any particular theme?

Choose cabinet hardware and its design

Kitchen cabinet hardware may include drawer, hinges etc. Traditional hardware can easily be bought. However, you can also choose some modern, elegant or ancient design to decorate your kitchen with a best look. There are several types of design and colour available in market. Pick them considering its suitability with the design and colour of your cabinets and your kitchen as well.

Choose its color

If you want to decorate your kitchen based on color, then you should be very clever to choose color for your cabinet according to the machines avalibity in your kitchen for example; if you want to keep Undercounter Ice Maker in your kitchen you should select a color with a combination of it. You can use one color or multi-color to give it its best look. However, if you choose some design, then consider it when you are planning to put some color on it.

To conclude, choose the best materials for your kitchen. A well-decorated kitchen defines your consciousness about the importance of home decoration. A hygienic, neat and clean kitchen always catches people’s eyes.


Installing Diy kitchen cabinets may seem intimidating, but the techniques are really quite simple. It is easy to think of it as screwing a series of boxes to the wall and to one another in the proper sequence. If Diy kitchen cabinets plan is correct, the main job is to find the best starting point and keep everything level.


These are the general ideas for planning DIY kitchen cabinets. There are many other ways to know about it and work on it. However, it can differ situation to situation.