A kitchen remodel is an excellent investment and can breathe new life into your home. Replacing the kitchen cabinets is very common and can be done in a few simple steps and the results will be amazing.

To plan DIY kitchen cabinets, following steps can be followed:

Make a general measurement

First of all, look at your kitchen. Consider where you would like to install your cabinet. Consider how it should be, such as box or drawer. Then take measurement of its suitable height and width. You should keep in mind regarding the size and shape of your kitchen, the types of stuff you want to store, convenience for movement in the kitchen etc. You can also plan two storied cabinet so you can store more stuff if you want or need.

To measure, you should use professional measuring instruments. Take two or three types measurement and pick the best one.

Consider the type of wood

Choose any kind of wood, which is discussed above. Consider its durability and price and balance it with your necessity. However it is suggested that, choosing a mixed type of woods are better. In addition, you can use different wood for different use. Such as, for sturdy structure it is always recommended to have durable wood. Again, you can use comparatively cheaper and less durable wood for interior wall.

DIY Kitchen CabinetsChoose its design

If you think you want to have some design on the door of the cabinet, you should think it at the first place. As a result it will be possible to avoid unnecessary expenses. Better place to start with is your kitchen. What does it look like? What is the colour of it? How do you like to make your kitchen look like, such as any particular theme?

Choose cabinet hardware and its design

Kitchen cabinet hardware may include drawer, hinges etc. Traditional hardware can easily be bought. However, you can also choose some modern, elegant or ancient design to decorate your kitchen with a best look. There are several types of design and colour available in market. Pick them considering its suitability with the design and colour of your cabinets and your kitchen as well.

Choose its color

If you want to decorate your kitchen based on color, then you should be very clever to choose color for your cabinet according to the machines avalibity in your kitchen for example; if you want to keep Undercounter Ice Maker in your kitchen you should select a color with a combination of it. You can use one color or multi-color to give it its best look. However, if you choose some design, then consider it when you are planning to put some color on it.

To conclude, choose the best materials for your kitchen. A well-decorated kitchen defines your consciousness about the importance of home decoration. A hygienic, neat and clean kitchen always catches people’s eyes.


Installing Diy kitchen cabinets may seem intimidating, but the techniques are really quite simple. It is easy to think of it as screwing a series of boxes to the wall and to one another in the proper sequence. If Diy kitchen cabinets plan is correct, the main job is to find the best starting point and keep everything level.


These are the general ideas for planning DIY kitchen cabinets. There are many other ways to know about it and work on it. However, it can differ situation to situation.